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Grow your business by getting connected to the region's business community

We help businesses become better connected in regional business communities and give them opportunities for growth. We do this by providing professional and content-rich lively business Expos attended by hundreds of local and regional business people.


There can be many benefits of attending or exhibiting at a good business Expo, from the obvious immediate sale to the longer term benefits that result in business growth, directly and indirectly, following the event. To learn about these benefits, please scroll down this page...


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What are the benefits of exhibiting your business?

Faster Sales Cycle

Raised Profile

Build Relationships

Build Database

People need to know, like and trust your business before they buy from you, and an Expo can help to achieve all 3 stages in just one event.


Attending an Expo as an Exhibitor helps people to become aware of your business for the first time, or remind people that you are around, raising your profile .


At an Expo you are no longer a faceless business, you can let the personality of your business come out and give reasons for people to like you by talking and interacting with them face to face. It's much easier to communicate directly.


You can begin to build trust by demonstrating, in a 2-way interaction, what your business can achieve.


An Expo gives you the unusual opportunity to move from cold prospecting to hot lead on just one day.



A good business event brings awareness of the exhibiting business to a wider audience, which can even begin before the event with a listing and businesses’ website link and branding on the event’s website. The lead up to an event will see thousands of views of the event website, and this pre-event brand awareness can be useful.

Exhibitors can make the most of being part of the event by reminding others, perhaps through social media, that they’re a part of the event. It can be a good excuse to get the brand seen several times both beforehand and afterwards, and the more likely they will be remembered.


At the event itself, an exhibitor can meet as many of the visitors and other exhibitors as possible, and if they interact, even if it is the briefest of chats, they are more likely to be remembered.


A good event will also have exhibitor listings in an exhibition guide available which many will take away with them and keep for some time as a useful business directory.

Business Expos can help to build the important business relationships that sooner or later pay dividends. If a business is new to the area then it can be one of the fastest ways of building a network of contacts.

If a business is more established, it can be so useful and rare to have some time to chat and network with other business people from the area.


It is easy to overlook the opportunities for business right on their doorstep. Getting to know people, and their businesses better can mean more opportunities for business and referrals.

Building a database of contacts for a business and then keeping in touch with them regularly can be an important generator of business, and a business expo provides the opportunity to gather these contacts.


Data capture at events can be straightforward and quick, and the lifetime value of the data to the business can compound over time, making it a very worthwhile objective for the exhibitor.



Why choose a Get Connected Expo?


- Everything we do encourages participation and attendance from visitors who are local & regional business people. This brings results for exhibitors.


-Free Visitor tickets


-Free business seminars


-Well marketed events


-Good organisation


-Professionally produced printed Show Guides and Show Bags for Visitors


-Great central venues



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