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What we do

Get Connected create great events that bring business people together. A good business expo can provide businesses with opportunities to speed up their sales cycles, raise their profile and get noticed, discover useful partnerships and suppliers, and build their network. And it can do all of these things simultaneously. That's why many businesses see Expos as a major opportunity to grow their businesses.


We focus on creating busy, vibrant events that attract hundreds of regional business people, both visitors and exhibitors.


What makes our events stand out are the quality touches (where it matters) that speak of professionalism and attract people to the events.


The Management Team

Get Connected is run by James Tribe and Anne Verdonck.

As part of their local marketing business which they still run, they have organised relaxed, sociable evening business networking events in their home town (Bath) since 2008.

Some of the things they learned from this include the importance of building credibility for an event, the location of the venue, and the effort that needs to go into promoting an event to make it successful. Every event was treated as a direct reflection of their business brand so had to succeed, or risk mortal injury to the business’s good name. The events, though a lot of hard work, were always successful and well received.

What really made them think one day was the experience recounted by one of the attendees of a networking event. He was an electrical contractor who had chatted to a chartered surveyor at the event. Several days later the contractor had passed a building with the Surveyor’s board on it, and being now a ‘warm’ contact got in touch. It quickly turned into a contract worth £100,000. It made James and Anne understand the commercial value of building business relationships at events.

In 2014 they hosted their first Business Expo, which was a sell out and attracted almost 400 visitors in the space of 4 hours. Their next Expo was even larger and also a sell out and was generally very well received, although they are not complacent and are always looking for the improvements that can be made. The plan is to build the brand into one that is recognised as being a champion for business growth.







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