How to Exhibit: Our Tips on Exhibiting at Business Expos


Posted 02/16/2017

Before the event


• Before you go, flick through the exhibitor list to scan for potential customers, partners and referral givers to make contact.

• Let your list of prospects and customers know that you’re exhibiting beforehand – via newsletters, email, or direct mail, email signature or social media. It's a great excuse to get in touch with them and demonstrates keenness to do business.

• Send news of any offers, promotions or prizes that you’ll have on your stand to the event organisers so that they can promote it to prospective visitors in the build up to the event. (and don’t forget to use this yourself)

• Make a list of business types that would make great referral partners

• Check for competitors and be clear about your points of difference – Your unique selling points, and how you’re going to help people understand and remember them: Keep the message extremely simple and focussed – decide what you want to be remembered for or it will be lost amidst the busyness

• Be thoughtful on ordering marketing materials for the event to keep efficiency. For example, can brochures or flyers or pop up banners be used following the event either for further events or in other marketing efforts - a deadline or offer printed on them may prevent this and can be delivered in another form.


Plan objectives:


• Collect prospect data to use in marketing campaigns

• Promote brand awareness

• To make contact with key referrers

• To get networked

• To demonstrate a product or service

• To take orders on the day


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